Artist Bio

My first memory of working with clay was when I was 11 yrs old and visiting my sister at college. She worked in the ceramics studio and I was immediately entranced. Walking into that huge space, looking at the rows of wheels, smelling the clay, it was magic to me. She helped me throw a few small bowls, which my parents still have today.

I have always been a very tactile person, and have been drawn to different careers that utilize my hands such as baking and massage therapy.  I rediscovered my passion for working with clay when I started working as a studio assistant for Mangum Pottery. After 5 years of working and studying with them, I launched my own ceramics business.

My work is influenced by textiles from around the world, repeating patterns in nature, and geometric shapes that can be found everywhere when we slow down and take the time to look. I love the meditative process of carving into the clay and seeing the repeating patterns and textures form on the surface of the pot.

Each piece is crafted with the intent of being used as everyday wares that blend artistry and functionality together.

All of my pottery is food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.